Vine Royalty can help

Unlock the potential of

your minerals.

Flexible options for landowners selling their mineral rights.


Whether you’re seeking income for paying off debt, building your dream home or securing your future, Vine Royalty offers a number of innovative solutions designed to transform your oil and gas mineral interests into cash today. Our method of doing business is rooted in transparency. Whether you pursue an outright or partial sale, non-recourse loan or other option, our mineral experts will explain in the most straightforward manner why it makes sense for you to work with Vine Royalty.

Vine Royalty:
A firm that has your best interests at heart. When you work with Vine, you’re working with a firm that is wholly committed to sustainable development and protecting the integrity of your land and its natural habitat.


For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits of Selling Your Minerals Rights to Vine Royalty:


Outright or Partial Sale

Non-recourse Loans

No Closing Costs


Minimizing Drilling Risk

When will drilling occur?

Will the well produce?

How long before payouts begin?


Will the operator compensate you fairly

Tax Advantages

Selling Minerals may be 100% tax free with a 1031-Exchange

In most cases mineral sales are considered a capital gain, which can reduce taxes by half

Local decision-making and fast, hassle-free closing

No closing or hidden costs


Partnering with landowners to ensure sustainable development

Maximum recovery with minimal disruption of natural resources

Conscientious use of materials and vehicles

Put your minerals to work for you today.

For Vine Royalty about a no-obligation appraisal. Call now:  844-755-2530

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